Defining ‘Europe’ in Medieval European Geographical Discourse


Presentation: Locating the Marvelous in Medieval European Encyclopedias

These slides are from the presentation entitled “Ibi sunt quedam monstra : Locating the Marvelous in Medieval European Encyclopedias”, delivered by dr. Natalia Petrovskaia at the KAKENHI International Workshop “Boundaries of the ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural'”, which took place on Sunday 24 November 2019 at the ‘Minpaku’ National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan. The workshop at which Dr Petrovskaia was invited to talk was part of JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) “The Natural and the Supernatural in Comparative Perspective” and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Anthropological Study on Cultural and Behavioral Change through Dispersal and Contact of Human Populations”. The full workshope programme and further information are available here. The full  presentation (in PDF format) can be accessed by clicking the image below.