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Defining ‘Europe’ in Medieval European Geographical Discourse


New Book

Natalia Petrovskaia’s edition of the medieval Welsh translation of the Imago mundi has just been published as part of the MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature. This edition presents extracts…

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New Publication

Dr. Natalia Petrovskaia’s article on the medieval Welsh figure of Gawain has appeared in Japanese translation as 「中世ウェールズ文学におけるグワルフマイ」 in 『アーサー王研究』中央大学人文科学研究所研究叢書71 (=Research on the Arthurian Legend, Chuo University Humanities Research Institute…

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Project Poster – AvH Colloquium 2019

A poster introducing the project, its initial results and output,  was presented by Dr Natalia Petrovskaia at the Humboldt Colloquium “Research without Borders – Alexander von Humboldt’s Legacy Today” in…

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Article: Mythologizing the Conceptual Landscape

The pre-peer-review version of Natalia Petrovskaia’s new article,  ‘Mythologizing the Geographical Landscape: Religion and History in Imago Mundi, Image du Monde, and Delw y Byd’, published in Matthias Egeler, ed., Landscape…

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Translatio and Translation

New article: Natalia Petrovskaia, “Translatio and Translation: The Duality of the Concept from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period”, Doshisha studies in English 99 (2018), pp. 115-136 Translatio studii et…

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Project Poster: March 2018

The present poster, introducing the project, was presented at the conference organized by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Oxford, UK, in March 2018.

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Earlier Presentations

The research results of this project were presented at a number of conferences. These presentations will be made available here. ‘Europe and the Non-European Other in the Medieval Geographical Tradition’, International…

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