Defining ‘Europe’ in Medieval European Geographical Discourse


UCMS Guest Lecture

On Thursday 26 November, the first Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies (UCMS) guest lecture of the academic year took place on Zoom. The lecture was by Dr Seb Falk, University of Cambridge, and was on the topic of “The Light Ages: A Medieval Journey of Discovery”. An abstract for the talk can be seen here. It provided a glimpse in the world of medieval science, particularly astronomy. The talk relates to dr Falk’s new book on the history of medieval science, recently published for a general audience: The Light Ages: A medieval Journey of Discovery (Allen Lane: 2020).

This year’s UCMS lectures are taking place online, and this first installment of the series was well-attended, and a lively discussion followed the lecture. Further installments in this lecture series will be announced in the Events section of the UCMS website.