Defining ‘Europe’ in Medieval European Geographical Discourse

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Some online resources on Maps and Geography

There has been much interest in the development of geographical perceptions and in the history of cartography in recent years (arguably, not only in recent years, but steadily throughout the history of the discipline). A large number of freely available resources and discussions can be found online. In addition to the resources offered, for instance, by the BnF, discussed in our previous post, or the Utrecht University library (also discussed in a past blog post here), and the British Library (for the section of the British Library website dedicated to the BL map collection, see here), JSTOR Daily, for instance, has published a number of pieces of general interest over the years dedicated to maps. These can be found in the ‘maps Archives’ page of JSTOR Daily. And, of course, for the scholarly study of the history of geographical representations, the value of the History of Cartography volumes, published by Chicago University Press, of which volumes 1, 2, 3 and 6 are currently (as of October 2020) freely accessible from the Chicago University Press website at (last accessed 07 October 2020), cannot be overestimated.