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Defining ‘Europe’ in Medieval European Geographical Discourse

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Globes and Celestial Spheres

Following on our post about the medieval awareness of the round earth, this week we look at globes. Broadly speaking, there are two types of globes one can encounter in…

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The Round Earth

The idea that in the Middle Ages the world was believed to be flat, is disproved by the many surviving medieval astronomical and geographical texts, as well as by references…

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The Gibberish Scribe

For the Defining Europe project we are interested in how manuscripts travelled, who owned them and who might have been familiar with their contents. Signs of previous ownership are a…

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Thinking about Formulas

At the wonderful conference ‘La Formule au Moyen Âge‘ (the fourth of the name) recently concluded at the University of Poitiers  Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale (13-15 June 2018), where…

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